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tv   CBS4 News Repeat  CBS  March 2, 2016 12:37am-1:14am MST

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,, ,, ,, ,, ,, the other big headline is marco rubio.
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in minnesota but got railed in other states after taking personal attacks from donald trump. there was some frustration over the long lines at many caucus locations. some people telling us they were worried they wouldn't get a chance to vote. the majority of people in those lines support bernie sanders, he has been declared the democratic winner in colorado. >> here are some of the other republicans. ted cruz wince texas. minnesota. >> hillary clinton wins alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts. along with
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minnesota. gotta believe the campaign will look different after tonight. >> super tuesday reshaped this extraordinary election once again. donald trump's appeal is farreaching, crossing geographic logic lines. >> this has been an amazing evening. >> reporter: save for a couple states, donald trump steam-rolled his rivals. ted cruz won texas, his home state, and oklahoma, a neighbor. >> tonight is another decision. >> reporter: but if he can't win the evangelical tier, it
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is rubio, doomed if he can't win his home state of florida where trump leads in the polls. a win in his home state of ohio in two weeks and michigan could put him back on the map. >> people do want to hear something positive. >> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton commended her lead, winning by huge margins in the state with the most delegates, and dominating she but almost. >> this country belongs to all >> reporter: bernie sanders still has the finances and fans to continue for a while. but in his speech, he indicated he's already had an influence on the race. >> this campaign is not just about electing a president. it's
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revolution. >> reporter: >> trump and clinton both training their attacks on each other tonight. clinton could win the nomination in the next couple months, it's unclear whether trump will get the necessary delegates. democrats lined up for several blocks in some places to take part in their party's caucuses. >> and the overwhelming majority supported bernie sanders. turnout. but since this is a complicated process, and it may not mean much when it comes to the actual nomination, no delegates were assigned tonight.
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enthusiasm. >> reporter: lines were enormous at precincts around denver. >> i think the lines were like this because people are looking for a change. and bernie sanders is trying to rally people. >> reporter: they expected hundreds and got thousands. some were so big, the caucus had to move outside. many voters excited about bernie sanders. >> >> reporter: the crowd here overwhelmingly in support of bernie sanders. there were so many voters, many caucuses couldn't start on time. if this was a primary, hillary clinton might have won big.
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and really fired up against the republican nominees. >> reporter: hillary clinton didn't win but she didn't exactly lose tonight. she got dozens of the delegates, 31 of 78 by my count. the colorado republican party canceled its presidential caucuses this year. instead it used tonight to elect delegates who will be casting votes at the state's gop convention on april 9th. next up, a contest this saturday in kansas, kentucky, louisiana, maine, and nebraska. the next big prizes are two weeks out. florida and ohio hold primaries march 15th. along with
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scott kelly returns to earth after an unprecedented thee 40 days in space. scientists are hoping for more year-long voyages. breaking news to tell you about. police investigate a hit and run crash. right there a live look at the scene. a pedestrian seriously injured tonight. new developments, two men arrested trying to make hash oil. these kits caused an suppose in westminster last night. >> reporter: lawmakers sought for tougher regulations, specifically in homes.
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took effect in july. >> reporter: fire crews were quick to knock down names at this westminster home monday night. >> they did find a hash oil lab. >> reporter: arrested for arson, marijuana processing, and possession of a controlled substance. >> reporter: he returned to the home this afternoon, attempting to retrieve some of their belongings. >> these are dangerous chemicals. >> reporter: the law was enacted in 2015, following more than two dozen hash related
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people across the state. >> the new legislation last year made it illegal to posses butane and other products that you manufacture hash oil with. >> reporter: police say those two men came to colorado because of marijuana. the day will have the final say on those charges. developing tonight, sports authority's impending bankruptcy. the wall street journal reports it will file chapter 11 as early as tonight. the journal reports they have a half billion dollars of bankruptcy financing lined up but may have to close its stores by april if it can't find a buyer.
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ser-dick's sporting goods. the broncos place a franchise tag on super bowl mvp and fan favorite, von miller. that means he cannot negotiate with other teams. we'll have more details coming up. a colorado man with a dream to play in the nfl finds inspiration. >> reporter: inside the performance center in engelwood, training for a shot at the nfl. >> i don't think you can
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you can't measure work ethic. >> reporter: despite facing long odds, the former cu player. he and friends attended a midnight showing at the aurora theater. >> i came into that night, and i was feeling sorry for myself and thinking what am i gonna do about my life, it was all about me. >> reporter: james thoemz enter issed the theater and opened fire. >> he took a shot at me, and i just felt it fly by my head. >> reporter: he realized he was given a second chance. >> there were people that never got the ability to come out of that theater, and i want to honor them and do everything i can to chase this dream. >> reporter: jordan transferred where his made his mark on
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now he's dedicated his quest to 12 special people. >> reporter: he says he's ready and, and the goal is to help people possibly a career in law enforcement. zika hits colorado. two cases so far. >> a costly settlement for denver after a beloved firefighter says she was harassed at the firehouse. >> it was a classic boys' club. >> reporter: how a woman survived as a tornado blew apart everything around here. >> clouds and scattered showers around the state tonight.
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high pressure off to the west taking that moisture and just spilling it down into
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the zika virus arrives in colorado. two patients in our state have been confirmed. that virus is of particular concern for pregnant women. >> reporter: the kind of mosquitos that spread the zika virus don't live in colorado. experts say it was acquired out of the country but it can be spread by infected men through sexual contact. >> reporter: at least two dozen
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had their blood tested for zika. >> reporter: in brazim where they trying to control a major outbreak, zika in pregnant women has been linked to serious birth defects. >> it's not absolutely proven. but the circumstantial evidence is very strong. >> reporter: and zika is also being tied to temporary paralysis. >> for the next few years. >> some good news, after a case of zik awe are immune. tornadoes approaching, and you're trapped outside. that's what happened to this fedex driver in louisiana. she tried to take shelter in a hardware store but it was locked. so she
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prayed. and this video comes from china. a child falls out. the back of that van in the middle of traffic. somehow he doesn't get run over, stands up, walks around, and another driver stopped to pick him up before he was hurt. a female firefighter says working got so bad, she had to resign. now the fire department has agreed to pay her a $75,000 settlement. here's brian maas. >> reporter: she wanted to wear a uniform all her life and finally did starting in 2014. she says discrimination emerged immediately. >> the denver fire department rose to the level of being so threatening that she was afraid to go to work. >> reporter: she was assigned
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repeatedly found porn left by male firefighters to intimidate her. >> there is no doubt that some of the firefighters and the conspire officers went out of their way to set up pornog in places where she was sure to find it. >> reporter: she says the sexual harassment was pervasive and embraced in the denver fire department culture. after eight months on the job, she resigned and filed this complaint. >> it was a classic boys club, and it has been for decades and it continues to be. >> reporter: the fire department agreed to pay her $75,000 to settle the claim. when we asked the fire chief and
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the claims, they refused. they were there are confidential reasons why the settlement was reached. >> there needs to be training and accountablity, and there needs to be actual transparency. warmer weather returns tomorrow. >> warmer weather yet the wind! we did have a couple of showers. didn't last long. bringing some moisture down, slowly moving east. warm high pressure here. west 2/3 of the nation under high pressure. showers and thunderstorms, and we saw some severe thunderstorm warnings break out. snow to the north of that. you're talking rain and snow, gusty winds.
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digits and teens. this is the strong wind in the purple area, some of the color begins to move down the front range and engulf the metro area. we could be seeing gusts of 38 miles an hour or better tomorrow. 58, 57 today. that front we talked about is backing into us. a few degrees cooler than yesterday. 22 is the normal low. fort collins reported 56. 57 in greeley. niwot, 60 degrees. 34% humidity.
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a brilliant sunset from eagle. and a sunset from city park. temperatures mostly in the 20s and 30s in the eastern plains. teens 20s in the high country. and then tomorrow, here's the warmup. tonight partly cloudy skies, 35 and 33 the mild overnight lows. tomorrow pardon me sunny, gusty winds up to 45 miles an hour in town here. the highs 64 and 62. and then we just keep it that way. don't forget about girls and science. check out our website for that. sunday, 73 degrees! then we see a change in that pattern. and we got a chance for scattered
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colorado got on the board first. only 33 seconds into the game. the rest of the story of the opening period belonged to the wild. colorado battles back in the 2nd. first career goal.
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but zach came up with the biggest play. they win 6-3. that will place the avs in the west's final playoff spot. >> obviously disappointed but i thought we had a really good strong 2nd period. you can't turn over the puck in those games. von miller with the sack. >> von-miller! >> like a lightning bold boll! >> the broncos put the franchise tag on von miller. so what's their next priority? brock osweiler is certainly one. with sam bradford guaranteed over the next few years, that market could be expensive.
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poll question, what should the broncos do with brock? 47% say strike a deal. just don't overpay. changes are coming to coors field. and it's not another party deck. the rockies are raising parts of the outfield fence to cut down on home runs. a small section in the left field corner will be raised five feet from center to the scoreboard at right. the snashl league boasts 203 home runs were hit at coors field last night. seeing if the csu women could win their 24th straight game. the streak stays alive! they win a record third
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his football skreer going he has been dismissed from the program along with one another for violating team policies. they open spring practice tomorrow in boulder. and a lot has been made about jim harbaugh that's i break. i think that is -- are you kidding me? all those kids on spring break? but i have talked about going somewhere on a long weekend.
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the older eagle and the younger one, he came after the eagle because he had something he wanted, and that was the fish. he caused the eagle to drop it.
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got it before it hit the water. >> how did they capture that picture? that's amazing.
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- [voiceover] coming to you from hollywood, almost live, it's comics unleashed. with your host byron allen. tonight byron welcomes howie mandell, harland williams, caroline rhea, and aries spears. and now a guy who takes viagra every morning just so he could say he had a hard day at the office, byron allen. (audience applauding) (electronic dance music playing) - say hello to dj cobra.


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